History of the West Park

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio


Photographs of buildings from the past and photographs of the same ones today
Most "then" photos were taken circa 1960-1961.

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Diners and Restaurants of old West Park

  Bearden's Drive-In - 4118 Rocky River Drive

  Caboose Diner -
4000 West 150th Street

  Daniel's Colonial Restaurant - 17425 Lorain Avenue

  Diney's Drive In - 3100 West 117th Street

  Franz Restaurant - 12615 Elmwood Avenue

  Golden Point Drive In Restaurant - 14810 Puritas Avenue

  Kenny Kings Drive In - 3200 West 117th Street

  Manners Big Boy Restaurant (George's Kitchen) - 13101 Triskett Road

  Nagy's Towne House - 4735 Rocky River Drive

  Nick's Restaurant (earlier Josephine's) - 14137 Lorain Avenue.  See article.

  The Orange Hut - Lorain Avenue & West 158th Street

Radil's Drive In - 12133 Bellaire Road

  Royal Castle - 16804 Lorain Avenue & NW corner of Triskett Road and West 140th Street

  Stroemple's hamburger shop - 3846 West 140th Street (later Lou's barber shop)

 Tony's Diner - West 117th Street and Lorain Avenue

  Towne Drive In & Diner - 13920 Triskett Road

  Victory Diner - West 140th Street and Lorain Avenue

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Assorted Places if Business

 Hobby Castle - 4147 Rocky River Drive

Neighborhood & Corner Stores

 Corner Food Store - 3711 West 140th Street

 Ed's Superette - 15233 Triskett Road

 Herold’s Grocery and Meat Market - 3819 West 140th Street

 Lou's Barber Shop - 3846 West 140th Street (Earlier Stroemple's hamburger shop)

 Ortli's Market - 3564 West 130th Street

 Radke's Delicatessen - 4181 Rocky River Drive

 Silver Grill Lounge - 3670 West 130th Street

 Wagenknecht Grocers & Meats - 13330 West Avenue

 Wesley Food Market - 13209 Wesley Avenue

 Zombek's - 11939 Triskett

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