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The Weber Family of West Park

Compiled from recollections provided by Daniel R. Weber of Rancho Cordova, CA.

 My family roots go way back in West Park history. The house where my father, Ralph Matthew Weber, was born in 1895 still stands at 14209 Triskett Road, a short distance west of West 140th Street.

 It was part of a parcel the family owned for many years. Two of my dad's brothers built their own places next to the house on a five acre plot. In later years those homes was sold and are now the site of an apartment development. The two houses, out-buildings, pools and so on, were demolished for the apartment houses.

 I have here in my den a framed graduate certificate of my dad's from "Rockport Village Public Schools," probably for the sixth grade which may be as far as he went. This would have been prior to WW I.

 My mother was a graduate of St. Joseph's Academy on Rocky River Drive. She met my dad while working in a dentist's office in the old Cleveland Trust Building at Lorain and Rock River Drive. They were married at St Patrick's. 

 My father, along with his brother Clarence, built a new home at 17504 Allien Avenue, a street now just NW of the Kamm's Plaza. My mother moved into the new house as a bride in 1927. I was born in 1932. It was my home of record for about 50 years and is still there. Too bad all children couldn't grow up with woods, fields, and a creek next to them, as well as Rocky River Valley. Of course, all the fields and woods we kids played in are now gone, paved over by the shopping center.

 Allien Avenue was named for a family in the area. When I delivered the Plain Dealer they were customers of mine. I remember Mrs. Allien had a bad case of what we would now call Parkinson's disease. She died many years earlier than her husband. To the best of my knowledge they had no children. I think their story about immigrating to this country from Germany or Austria would be very interesting to hear today. I also wonder who ended up with their estate which included their lovely large home on Lorain Street.

 (Research indicates the family mentioned above is Paul and Margaretha Allien who lived at 17316 Lorain Avenue. Paul passed away in 1956. His wife died in 1943.)

 I remember that below the Franciscan Monastery on Rocky River Drive, now a senior home, the students cut out a ball diamond for themselves. I believe it was during the war or right after. The bull dozer went down a gulch from the north end of W 179th Street where Allien Avenue ties into it and ends. Somehow they got permission from the Park District for it. They had a trail that went up the hill to the monastery for access. I have no recollection as to how often it was used but I would guess it is long overgrown.

 I graduated from Our Lady of Angles in June, 1946, and John Marshall High School in June, 1950. Many of my friends lived on Tuttle Avenue, as well as on Lucille, Southland, Ernadale, Oxford, Munn, and on and on.

 I rarely get back to Cleveland these days and when I do I am always surprised in how much has changed.

 Note: In November, 2006, the West Park Historical Society awarded Dan Weber the FIRST FAMILIES OF WEST PARK certificate based on genealogical evidence his family resided in West Park prior to January 1, 1923, when the area was annexed to the City of Cleveland.

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Created by: Charles C. Chaney
29 August 2007