History of the West Park

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio


The Marquard House on Warren Road
by Gary Swilik

Marquard House on Warren Road, c1958.Sitting under a canopy of shade trees at 3260 Warren Road is a big, sprawling, somewhat ramshackle structure looking almost as if time has passed it by. This white-painted, wooden residence, its central double-doorway flanked by four tall decorative columns, more closely resembles a southern plantation house than something you'd find along a busy roadway in West Park. So what's the story?

Built as a moderate-sized, brick-and-frame farmhouse sometime before 1900, the place didn't develop growing pains until it was purchased by Philip Marquard in 1912. Father of twelve children, Mr. Marquard needed lots of space and began adding rooms and wings until the house reached a mansion-like 52 rooms!

Among these was a separate suite for Mr. Marquard in the back of the house with a number of individual housekeeping units for some of his grown children and their families. A complete chapel was also incorporated into the house with the blessing of a local archbishop. When the whole house was in use the heating plant in the basement required a ton of coal per day to meet the demand!

Philip MarquardMr. Marquard was owner of the Marquard Sash and Door Manufacturing Company. Founded in about 1890, the company operated for many years at 14735 Lorain Avenue conveniently located just a short way south of the Marquard Home. The business specialized in producing fancy architectural millwork of all kinds and it's a safe guess we see the results in the fancy cornices, pillars, and balusters that so prominently decorate the house.

Top row, from left: Cyril, Verona, Philip Henry, Olivia ("Honey"), Cleophas.  Bottom, from left: Adelbert, David, Philip F., Rita, Vincent, Marcus, Francis.  Photograph courtesy of Gary Marquard.The sash and door business was secondary, however, to Mr. Marquard's passion as a builder! As founder of Marquard Home Builders, Inc., he was responsible for the construction of hundreds of homes throughout Cleveland and one of the primary developers of the early West Park neighborhood.   (Click photograph to the right to enlarge image of the family posing in front of the house. c1920.  Top row, from left: Cyril, Verona, Philip Henry, Olivia ("Honey"), Cleophas. Bottom, from left: Adelbert, David, Philip F., Rita, Vincent, Marcus, Francis. Photograph courtesy of Gary Marquard.)

Phil Marquard died in the house on October 14, 1942, and shortly afterwards it came into the ownership of William Bauer who rented the property to the U.S. Government. The huge home was converted into apartments for the families of war workers. By 1958 the building was a public apartment building with 11 three-room suites, 4 four-room suites, and 2 five-room suites.

Today the old Marquard house, sometimes known as the "Manor House Apartments," still offers 16 suites to the public and serves as "home" to many renters. Other reminders of prolific builder Phil Marquard stand nearby. The rectory of St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, the Spanish-style house just south of the church on Warren Road, was built by Phil Marquard for one of his daughters in the 1920's. And the Marquard Apartment House stands immediately northeast of the K-Mart near Lorain Avenue and West 150th.

Laura Howard recalls Marquard House

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