History of the  West Park
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
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alger cemetery NW corner
The original section of Alger Cemetery is located in the northwest corner of the cemetery.

Alger Cemetery
16710 Bradgate Street
West Park neighborhood, Cleveland, Ohio

Nathan Alger had owned his homestead less that a year when he died, at age 47, on January 21, 1813.  He was buried on the homestead .  His son Henry Alger later donated the acre of land that contained his father's grave to Rockport.  This became known as Alger Cemetery as it expanded to become the area burial ground.  Originally, its entrance was at 16711 Lorain Avenue but was later relocated to 16710 Bradgate Avenue.  Nathan Alger's grave is located in the northwest section of the cemetery.  It can be found by entering from Bradgate Avenue and taking the lane on the left.  The section is readily identified by several old gravestones.  His gravestone, hand ground and hewn, is inscribed, "My friend, I'm here, the first to come, and in this place, for you there's room."  His sons, Henry and Nathan, are buried just north of their father's grave.

The gravestones of some who are buried in the Alger Cemetery

graves 1
Nathan Alger, Sr.  1765-1813
   Nathan Alger, Jr.  1798-      
Thaddeus Peet Alger  1801-1828

graves 2
Frederick A. Coldbrunn  1836-1911
Fred Coldbrunn  1871-1959

graves 3
Oswald Kamm  1845-1922            
 Joseph Triskett  c1809-1891

hyde stone
Arthur J. Hyde

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