History of the West Park Neighborhood
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Photographs of 1953 Tornado Damage

West 95th Street area
near Lorain Avenue - Denison Avenue area

Be patient, the photos should change automatically.

All snapshots in this section are provided by Dolores Cannon Klafta


More about photograph number one by Dolores Cannon Klafta:  "The car was my father's pride and joy.
When the wind started blowing he moved it to this spot as a precaution. I don't remember if it was a tree
branch or a piece of furniture from Lang's store that hit it. Furniture came sailing down the street like a
scene out of 'The Wizard of Oz.' Ironically the spot my father moved the car from was untouched."             

West 97th Street area
This photo (one picture) was provided by Lois Gollwitzer Dixon, Livonia, Michigan:

"This photo was taken the day after the tornado.  It shows West 97 Street,
looking south from Almira Avenue.  Right after the tornado, the street was
completely impassable.  We were lucky--many of the trees on our street were
damaged, but survived.  West 98 Street, between Almira and Denison, lost
every tree."

Snapshots of damage on Summerland Avenue.

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