History of the West Park
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

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Items of Interest

Articles by Gary Swilik & some by others

1902 Auto Races at the race track

Auto Roller Coaster

The Baskerville Hounds 

Bearden's Drive-In 

Bono's Barber Shop  

The Castle House by Dar McGeady

Chris Bike Shop

The Code Family of St. Patrick’s Cemetery 
            by Peggy Calvey Patton

D’Ettorre’s Grocery & Meat Market
Dryer's Pond  

Emmett's Tavern

Franciscan Monastery

George Washington School sculpture

Photo Gallery of George Washington Elementary
             School Teachers - 1955

Gilchrist Record Shop

At Home on Lena Avenue. 
             By Carol Nichols Henninger

Hobby Castle

Hogan's Corners (Skyway Tavern, La Conga)

Hough Bakeries

The House on Hogsback Hill

Arthur J. Hyde: Beyond the Call of Duty: A Patriot's  Grave

Kamm's Recreation

The King of French Fries

The Kinkelaar Farm

Lakewood Landmarks Have West Park Roots

Local Man Unearths Rare Piece of West Park

Whatever happened to Lorain Street?

The Marquard House  

The Marquard Shrine

The Montrose Pillars  

Virginia Herrington Mohr 

Nick's Restaurant

The Nipper Family

The Oldest Bars & Taverns in West Park  
            by Ross E. Bassett

Photo Gallery of Newton D. Baker Junior High
             School Teachers - 1956

Pony Photographers

West Park Post Offices

Puritas Springs Park

Nick's Restaurant Article

Rexall Drug. 14701 Puritas

Radke's Delicatessen

Rainbow Gardens

Riverside Hardware/Riverside Hardware
               and John Luekens

Riverside Theatre Memory

Rockport Hamlet Driving Park (race track)

Possible Toll House 

The Perilous Railroad Crossing at Lorain & West 143rd

The Rolling Stone Teen Club

Stranahan Hill

Sweeney's Pasture

Variety Theater

Walker's Store

Teare Farm

Tom Ward, blacksmith

The Tyler Estate

West 130th Recreation
            Memories of the Hosta/Straka Families

West Park City Hall

West Park Fire Department by Paul Nelson,
Historian of the
Western Reserve Fire Museum and Educational

Old West Park Vault Discovered at City Hall

West Park's World War I Memorial Monument 

Mystery Man Who Died in WW I Remembered
              on Memorial Day

  Designated Cleveland Landmarks

  Links to other pages & sites

Information from John M. West descendents

  Odds 'n' Ends  (news items, incidents, stories)

Links to other places of interest in West Park
Photographs of places, then and now

Organizations and Businesses page on this site with information on the Cleveland Fire Department Station, Fairview Park Hospital, Greenhouses, the Gables Restaurant,
West Park Branch Library (Cleveland Public Library), and the West Park YMCA.

Places Gone: now only in memory and history including Kroger Company, Puritas Springs Park, Riverside Theatre, West Park Theatre, The Orange Hut, etc.

Cleveland Westpark Police and Firefighters Memorial.  Rocky River Dr., Just South of McKinley at Ogontz.
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24 October 2017