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We were surprised and delighted to receive the following communication from Charles Peyton West, a direct descendent of John M. West and his son Charles P. West. Our readers will recall it was John M. West who settled in Rockport Township on the south side of Lorain Avenue, building the red-brick West home which still stands at 3684 West 138th Street over 150 years later. In his 25-acre "front yard" John M. West built an artificial lake, complete with row boats, which became known as "West Park" providing the name for the city that grew up around it.


We are in contact with Charles P. West who he is sharing many interesting particulars about his family. Check back regularly for more details!

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Descendents of John M. West:


Charles Peyton West, great-grandson of John M., who was kind enough to share this family photo with us.  Following Yale and Army service he was for many years engaged in business in New York City and later became a public schoolteacher in Connecticut. He lives there now.


Dr Peyton MacLean West Lowenstein (left), great-great-granddaughter of John M., a Yale graduate and noted wildlife biologist, is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington DC.


MS. Georgia Kerr West Stacey (right), great-great-granddaughter of John M., a graduate of University of California, Berkeley and like her sister a published author, is engaged in producing documentary films at CBS News Productions, NYC.


The children, John M. West’s great-great-great grandchildren, are Jane Adelaide Lowenstein and Charles Sexton Stacy.


Jane Glaeser West, Mr. West's wife, mother of Peyton and Georgia, passed away in 1981.  Mrs. West was a well-known editor and publisher in New York, a National Book Award winner and several bestsellers among her titles. 



Email received on 24 March 2006 from Charles Peyton West, great-grandson of West Park namesake John M. West:


Gentlemen:  I am very pleased to find your site . . . .  


When a boy, growing up in Pittsburgh, 1940s, my father, Charles Peyton West Jr., once drove the family down an avenue on the west side of Cleveland-- your great city I know hardly at all at first hand, sad to say--and explained that this was "West Park," named for our family.  He pointed to a large (in a boy's reckoning) old red brick house, looming behind a row of more modest houses lining the street.  These were of later construction . . . .  He explained these and the many others like it . . . were built on land our family had farmed.


The West family moved to Cleveland Heights, maybe very early 1900s, and Charles Peyton West Jr. went on to (the then, of course) Case School of Applied Science and a rewarding career in electrical engineering at (then) Westinghouse Electric in Pittsburgh, with many patents and contributions to such far-ranging applications as Niagara, Broadway stage apparatus and the aircraft carriers of Admiral Rickover.  Other than my sister, Evalyn West Miller (formerly Buchholtz) in Oceanside, California and her family, the only other direct-descent of the West family known to me was our father's brother,  Maurice John West, a life-long Cleveland resident.   Uncle Maurice, childless, was a tournament level tennis player when young, a WWII veteran and for a number of years practiced law in your city.


Kind regards, Charley West


Notice from Dar McGeady, Member Relations - Newsletter Editor, West Park Historical Society:


Charles Peyton West, great-grandson of West Park’s namesake, John M. West, passed away in January 2011 at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at age 76. Although “Charley” was born in Pittsburgh and had never lived in Ohio, he supported the efforts of West Park Historical Society and was a lifetime member. Charley expressed a lively interest in West Park history and enthusiastically shared memories of his ancestors with us. 


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