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Cleveland Mayor strikes boy with car
West Park news - 1910
The tornado of 1953

            Cleveland's greatest mayor, Tom L. Johnson, definitely visited West Park. The incident was covered in the Elyria Reporter on November 5th, 1903:

            The "Red Devil," built by Cleveland-based Winton Automobile Co., was Mayor Johnson's trademark vehicle. Charles P. West is son of John M. West, whose park-like front yard at West 137th and Lorain gave West Park its name. The little fellow who escaped serious harm is almost certainly Charles Peyton West, Jr., who was five years old in 1903. The home he was taken to after the accident is, of course, the West House which still stands at 3684 West 138th Street.

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                The Ohio Correspondent was a weekly newspaper "Devoted to the interests of the West Side and West Park." Here's a sampling of what was making news in West Park in 1910:

May 7, 1910
      Fred Albers, Jr., stopped four boys from smoking cigars. The boys from which he took the cigars away were Wallace Braduis, Burney Richards, True Benment and W. Diederick or Dittrick..

May 14, 1910
     William Barmstatter, at the Rockport driving track, was making extensive improvements in the shape by putting up some fine bowling alleys on the side of the café. Barmstatter, who has many friends in the village and in Cleveland, had always the interest of West Park at heart.

May 21, 1910
     Phillip Marquard is rapidly pushing the work on his summer residence, "Pleasant View," on Warren Road. He expects to move out during the latter part of the month.

May 21, 1910
     Here's a tip for some or our village youths. If you want to be real popular and well respected by everyone you will have to break away from the barroom tactics you now employ. It is no longer the proper thing to hoot and make insulting remarks at everybody who passes, especially young ladies. You have carried this sort of thing far enough. Cut it out.

May 28, 1910
     Mr. Schipke, of Stop 10 of the Puritas Springs line, told us that after the comet passed through West Park an abundance of beer and whiskey rained down. He thinks also that the weather changed after the tail of the comet passed through the earth.

Jun. 4, 1910
     Crows are numerous in some sections of the township and they are becoming destructive to broods of young chickens. Last Sunday crows carried off 21 of Fred Impett's young chicks. Fred went hunting for the crows Monday morning but failed to get a shot a them. Dick Bagger was more successful. He managed to bag a large one that had been carrying off young robbins. It measured over two feet from tip to tip and weighed four pounds.

June 11, 1910
     A very exciting, as well as interesting game between the Rockport baseball team and the Puritas Campers was played last Sunday morning at Puritas Springs Park. The Puritas team, composed of some of the best amateur players in the state, defeated the Rockports by a score of 6 to 3.

June 18, 1910
     Mrs. Seager, who lives at the end of the Puritas Springs line, is very good to her mother, Mrs. Marg. Fisher, of Kamms Corner. She sends her each day butter which she makes herself.

June 18, 1910
     The West Park Improvement Association held a meeting Tuesday evening in the town hall. Only six members were present and three guests. Among the members, Mr. Diederich, Wm. Dahm, Mr. Wagner, Mr. Sixt, and the president, mostly people who live in the neighborhood of the town hall. There was nothing done worth mentioning.

June 25, 1910
     With about twelve stables in training at the Rockport half-mile track that plant presents a very busy appearance these days. Harvey Ernest, the Syracuse, NY reinsman, who is acting as manager of the Rockport track, has six head he is getting ready for the races including the two fast pacers, Oakland Sun and Locust Boy.

                (This material recently appeared in the first two issues of the West Park Historical Society newsletter.)

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            On this day, a devastating tornado rampaged through Wood, Sandusky, Erie, Lorain, and Cuyahoga Counties between 7 and 10 PM.  Seventeen were left dead and about 400 people injured.  Overall, the storm resulted in $3,410,000 in crop damage and $19,320,000 in property damage.  Major property damage was in the Cleveland area.

        Summary of Ohio Tornadoes, by Marvin E. Miller, Meteorologist in Charge, ESSA Weather Bureau Office/Sate Climatologist, Columbus, Ohio.

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