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Marquard Shrine on Rocky River Drive
By Gary Swilik


The 108-year-old Monastery of Poor Clares, at 3501 Rocky River Drive, sits on ashrine beautiful lawn and is surrounded by shade trees. At the southwest corner of the yard, closer to the street, is a pavilion containing a painted statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. The roof of the shelter is supported by eight carved wooden pillars. This graceful shrine originally stood almost a mile away on the grounds of the Marquard Mansion at 3260 Warren Road, the home of local builder Philip Marquard. When he passed away in 1942 it was donated to the monastery. The shrine was altered after it was moved. Originally it included only four columns and was partially enclosed by a wall.

“The Poor Clares was a favorite charity of my grandfather,” says Philip’s grandson Thomas A. Marquard of Dearborn, Michigan. “The shrine on Rocky River Drive is the same one that stood in his yard on Warren Road. The house and grounds had many religious statues, shrines and artwork. Most of the large pieces were donated to various churches.”

The origin of the shrine is common knowledge to the nuns who live at the monastery. “The Marquard family was an early benefactor and friend of our community,” Sister Therese told the author. The Marquard shrine, an architectural treasure, has found a safe home with the Poor Clares. Meanwhile,  the future of the Marquard Mansion on Warren Road, one of the most historically significant sites in West Park, is in the hands of St. Mary's Romanian Church which bought the property in 2009.


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11 August 2016