History of the West Park
Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

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Jim Jensen's
Photo Gallery of

George Washington Elementary School Teachers

by Gary Swilik

all photographs courtesy of Jim Jensen, West Palm Beach, Florida

Jim Jensen once again honors us with some of the historic photographs he took while growing up in West Park during the 1940s and 1950s. This time he's sharing photos of his teachers at George Washington Elementary School at 16210 Lorain Avenue. Some of the photos were also taken on West 157th Street in front of the West Park branch of the Cleveland Public Library.

"The photos were taken in 1955," explains Jim. "I was 12 years old at the time. The photos in front of the library were taken on NEOTA Day. (The day the North Eastern Ohio Teachers' Association held a meeting for its members.) There was no school that day but I knew what time the teacher meetings were taking place at the library. Since I lived nearby on West 157th Street, I went to the library, camera in hand, and waited for the meetings to conclude. I guess the journalist reporter came out in me," he says. "You'll also see a photo of my friends and fellow students Janet Graham and Melodie Miller. Melodie was probably waiting for her mother, my second grade teacher, to take her home."

If any readers have memories of these teachers or their years at George Washington School, don't hesitate to share them with us.


all photographs courtesy of Jim Jensen, West Palm Beach, Florida

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Updated 21 August 2014