History of the West Park Neighborhood 

The purpose of this site is to provide an informal site concerning the history of the area and to share personal memories of the neighborhood.  The West Park community, as considered here, consists of four neighborhoods located west of West 117th Street including the Jefferson, Kamm's Corners, Riverside and Puritas-Longmead areas.  This approximates the original composition of the neighborhood.

The name was derived from a wooded park with a lake that John West operated on his property at Lorain Avenue roughly between West 138th and 140th Streets.  It was known as "West's Park" but evolved into "West Park" for the short-lived town that developed in the area. 

This site is not intended to serve as a neighborhood directory nor as a totally complete listing but to be simply a place to share some of its history, images and memories.

If you have memories and photos of your experiences in the West Park neighborhood that you would like to share please feel free to Email it to the West Park History website. ("Click" the name link to send an email to this website.)  If you have a website which you think would be relevant please feel free to let us know about it so we can provide a link to it on this site.

This is an independent endeavor.  It is not a commercial site and is not affiliated with any neighborhood organization such as the West Park Historical Society.

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Became First District Police Station

Richard J. Bagger West Park's Music Man

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Created by Gary Swilik  and  Charles C. Chaney

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Updated:  25 February 2020