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Updated: 16 March 2014

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Charles Chaney's Index Page

History of the West Park Neighborhood
(Not associated with the West Park Historical Society)

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

The purpose of this site is to provide an informal site concerning the history of the area and to share personal memories of the neighborhood.  The West Park community, as considered here, consists of four neighborhoods located west of West 117th Street including the Jefferson, Kamm's Corners, Riverside and Puritas-Longmead areas.  This approximates the original composition of the neighborhood.


The name was derived from a wooded park with a lake that John West operated a wooded park with a lake on his property at Lorain Avenue roughly between West 138th and 140th Streets.  It was known as "West's Park" but evolved into "West Park" for the short-lived town that developed in the area. 

This site is not intended to serve as a neighborhood directory nor as a totally complete listing but to be simply a place to share some of its history, images and memories.

If you have memories and photos of your experiences in the West Park neighborhood that you would like to share please feel free to Email this West Park History website. ("Click" the name link to send an email to this website.)  If you have a website which you think would be relevant please feel free to let us know about it so we can provide a link to it on this site.

NEW-- The King of French ries by Gary Swilik
NEW-- The Castle House by Dar McGeady
NEW-- The Baskerville Hounds with Doug McCutcheon
NEW-- The Oldest Bars & Taverns in West Park by Ross E. Bassett
NEW-- The Code Family of St. Patrick’s Cemetery by Peggy Calvey Patton
NEW-- West Park's Jazz Age Speakeasy:  Rainbow Gardens
NEW-- History Comes to Life: Mr. Kamm Returns to West Park .
NEW-- Rexall Drug. 14701 Puritas. By Jim Baechle.
NEW-- Local Man Unearths Rare Piece of West Park History
NEW-- Hogan's Corners (Skyway Tavern, La Conga)
NEW-- At Home on Lena Avenue.  By Carol Nichols Henninger
Photo Gallery of George Washington Elementary School Teachers - 1955
Photo Gallery of Newton D. Baker Junior High School Teachers - 1956

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Visit the
Kamm's Corners Development Corporation
website for information on the present neighborhood that includes much of the western part of the original West Park area.

A book about the history of West Park
by Ralph A. Pfingsten.
This is a long overdue source of information about the area.  It will certainly be used to help develop this website.  Hats off to Mr. Pfingsten and the John Marshal Alumni Association that published it.  For more information logon the to the Kamm's Corners Development Corporation at http://www.kammscorners.com/historybook.html or go to The John Marshall High School Alumni Association
(Note that the above organizations are not affiliated with this site.)


Michael Koryta's Lincoln Perry Mystery Series

with a West Park setting

 Learn more at  Michael's web site.

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Charles C. Chaney maintains this site.


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